Production process


At the slaughterhouse, the fat is separated from the pork, and only the fat which meets the highest quality (lard or bacon) is reserved, obtaining a classification of high quality raw material.
Subsequently, the fat goes directly to the melting chamber, where it is melted in open kettle at controlled temperatures.
After melting, it goes through a filtering and decanting system, down to the storage tanks, where it reposes at a constant temperature and in fully controlled conditions.

Processing and packaging

All our products are made strictly following the specifications of each customer, according to their needs.
The lard undergoes a process of mixing and cooling at controlled speeds, times and temperatures for good crystallization and homogeneity.
For the manufacture of refined lards, fractionated lards or special lards, the product undergoes various treatment processes.
Afterwards it is packaged and palletized, to pass to the airing chamber and finally to the finished product warehouse.

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